The Museum System of the Municipality of Rome is made up of an extremely diverse group of museum spaces and archaeological sites, of huge artistic and historical value.

The system was established with the aim of running the museums and public monuments of Rome in a coordinated fashion, which would encourage awareness of the wealth of services and educational and didactic opportunities available.

There is a electronic ticket office which allows booking and pre-sales to take place online, an integrated call centre which deals with every type of request for information or booking, a coordinated image which helps to identify the sites as belonging to the System, and campaigns of promotion and information which are aimed at individual initiatives but have the idea of the System present in them.

An important and articulated structure is also present on the web in the form of this portal, whose design reflects the spirit of the project: one single web address from which it is possible to access the individual sites of all the museums that makes up the System.

Naturally the System is not only made up of technical innovations and of services. As well as fulfilling its natural institutional and scientific functions conserving and promoting the cultural inheritance of which it consists, the System locates itself as a centre of cultural development and production, and as a turning point in the Romans' understanding of their own identity.

To all this, completing what is already a great a contribution, the System adds a rich calendar of events, organizing exhibitions of art and history, often linked to the museum collections, at an international level.